Dream City Plaza 2

Business Center is one of the Dream City´s highest level and outstanding design projects, an elegant offices which leave an enduring impression with technology facilities provides seamless meeting to ensure the highest levels of creativity, convince and efficiency for every business need.

The plaza business Center provides three outlets to high level excellent service restaurants and well service coffee shops.

Plaza Business Center has the most known and situated location. It is located in the heart of Erbil.

Whether you are planning to expand your business or wish to take an existing company to whole new level , the plaza business center is where you should be.

An exceptional new business hub provides you and your company with distinctions that no other location in the city can provide.

Plaza Business Center has been built to anticipate and exceed all the necessities and to suit your needs.

The flexibility of a serviced offices to suit your company’s changing dynamics, with the plaza choice is clear. One of the advantages is the car parking which offers accommodate parking during your stay.