Erbil Business Trade Center

H-02About EBTC:

Across from the green expense of Erbil’s Sami Abdul Rahman Park.
A giant new building is slowly rising into the city’s skyline. Te first phase of the 200,000 m2 Erbil Business and Trade Center, Justice Tower a 37-floor mixed-use development comprising a luxury hotel, grouping of international restaurants called cafe village and luxury offices.

To further business and commerce orientations in Kurdistan, the stunning 40 floors-formative form,  EBTC presents 1200 incomparably sophisticated business offices, 360 rooms for the international hotel and 16 international food and beverage outlet for the cafe village.

EBTC is counted the large and highest tower in Erbil and all Iraq with the total built-up area reaches 200,000 m2 distinguished on 3 underground floors, 2 ground floors (lower & upper) and 35 typical floors and 120 m high.




Hawler City (Erbil) is one of the ancient cities in the world. It is considered as the capital of the Federal Kurdistan Region, and about 350 km2 north of Baghdad.

During the history, Hawler has been known as the city of cultural and trading in the region.
The citadel in Erbil has been occupied for 5000 years as a fortress and inner city.

A modem Erbil is the capital of a Kurdistan. With more than a million inhabitants.

It is the third largest city in Iraq, as well as its the fastest growing city in the middle east.


  • – Floors description
  • – The lower ground floor is the food court (for rent)
  • – The upper ground floor has many functions like: Hotel entrance, lobby, every day dining, offices entrance and the store department which is for rent.
  • – The first floor offices with double sizes for rent from axis 1 to 23
  • – The second floor is typical for offices zone till 22nd floor and it is for sale. From axis 1 to axis 13 single offices, while offices from axis 13 to 23 are double sizes offices and for rent.
  • – The hotel zone start from axis 23 to axis 27 and the bed room typical floor start from 3rd floor until 26th floor.
  • – The 20th floor is different from others as it has restaurants and meeting rooms for rent between axis 10 and axis 18.
  • – The typical floor from 23th to 26th floor are offices for rent with double sizes from axis 1 to axis 23, except 5 single offices for sale between axis 9 and 12.
  • – The floors 33 and 34 are combination between open zone offices and hotel facilities (spa and restaurant).
  • – The 35 floor is for hotel (ballroom, and swimming pools).
    It has a large car parking with the 2450 capacity-
  • – Project component:
  • Offices and Business Center
  • Cafe Village
  • International 5 star Hotel


five-hotelHotel International Five Stars:

It will be the largest hotel in Iraq as well as the largest tower in the country. The building specifications match the ambitious scale of our vision.

It offers function space that totals 41,350 square meter.

It contains 360 bedrooms, with different types and sizes which starting from 34 square meter up to 142 square meter with 14 meeting rooms, three ballrooms, executive floor, health club, Gym, top roof swimming pool, spa, all day dining room, thyme, restaurant and sky bar at the top floor.

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